M Power Petrol Fuel Enhancer

M Power OSCAR Petrol Fuel Enhancer is an optimal blend of synthesized concentrate with NanoHexonyL. It stabilizes petrol and ethanol-blend fuels keeping Fuel Injectors and the complete fuel system and combustion chambers clean, M Power Petrol Fuel Enhancer will improve the smoothness and responsiveness of your vehicles engine, improve performance and give you better fuel economy and savings, put one bottle in your fuel tank frequently (every three to four tank fills) to maintain the benefits of M Power OSCAR Petrol Fuel Enhancer.

Use M Power OSCAR Petrol Fuel Enhancer along with M Power M Power XPII Premium Oil Enhancer for even greater performance, reduced emissions and saving money. See our Synergy Pack

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M Power XPII Xtra Performance Premium Oil Enhancer

M Power XPII, is a Premium Oil Enhancer for your Petrol or Diesel engine, its Sub-nano technology provides your engine with superior protection against wear, whilst also providing an improved level of performance and reducing overall fuel consumption at the same time, M Power XPII Premium Oil Enhancer is an optimized product created by extensive uncompromised Research and development. Use M Power XPII every time you have your vehicle serviced to enjoy the rewards of a smother running engine, improved engine performance and saving on fuel costs with improved economy.

Use M Power XPII Premium Oil Enhancer along with M Power Petrol Fuel Enhancer for greater performance, reduced emissions and saving money. See our Synergy Pack

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Synergy Pack

When used together, M Power OSCAR Petrol Fuel Enhancer along with XPII Premium Oil Enhancer synchronise to greatly improve all the attributes and benefits of an Oil or fuel Enhancer used on its own, In laymen terms M Powers Oil Enhancer allows the engine to freely spin with less resistance, which means less fuel is required to make the engine spin, M Powers Petrol Fuel Enhancer increases the fuel burn (explosion) in the each cylinder, so with a better fuel burn along with a freer turning engine the performance and Economy is even greater along with the usual benefits of saving on fuel costs, better reliability, reduced emissions and a great driving feeling.

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What Customers Say About Us

Tony from Townsville, sore a recent advertisement in the Townsville Gazette Cars Guide and purchased a pair of Petrol Fuel Enhancers for his Falcon XR6, well we just got a phone call from Tony and he is ecstatic with the results the PFE has made to his XR6, he described the smoothness and the performance gain his XR6 has now, he even bragged how its even quicker than his mates, on top of all this he is getting 75Klm or more extra from a tank of petrol, he has now ordered 12 bottles of M Power PFE for the rest of the year, Thanks for the feedback Tony, with petrol prices so high at the moment you to can enjoy the M Power Feeling.


Before I used the enhancers when I accelerated to pass someone ( never to speed!) there was a slight pause. When I added the enhancer the car just went vroom…..The car runs so smoothly!

Gail McTaggart

Awesome products, used it in a 2000 SS Commodore injected gas results were amazing, noticed throttle response was a lot sharper, engine note out of exhaust different more of a growl, sweet sound, fuel economy up 6.7 Litres 100 on injected gas 470kms still had one green bar left that’s motorway local running around awesome ,on petrol 91 it read 480 to empty with m power fuel additive added car had more power no lag or dead response ,wanted to go hard better than other products I have used, horse power is up thanks to M. Power

Craig Lambert

Hey Darren, id like to thank you for this product.  To start with I used it over a few fuel tanks in my 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG hatch.  What I instantly found is that the engine ran a lot smoother right through the rev range. The added benefit for me was that I got better fuel economy.  Before I used it I normally ran around 410km to a tank and then once I used the M Power product it increased fuel economy to an average between 435km to 450 kms per tank.  A huge plus for me.  Id highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to optimise their vehicles engine power and fuel economy. I’m now using it in my wife’s car.  It’s such a great product. 

Adam Gillick, Pedders, Senior Executive – Brand and Marketing

Hi guys, i just wanted to let you know about how the oil and fuel Enhancers are going in my 2000 Subaru.

At first I didn’t think that there was much difference to the car when I first started using it, I was towing so it was a bit hard to judge the attributes of your products. When we returned from our trip and the trailer was removed, WOW, I couldn’t believe what a difference in responsiveness the Suby had, it was great, and the economy had definitely improved. The funny thing is i was taking my daughter for a learner lesson and she said “what have you done to the engine dad, it feels different” I had to laugh and said “no there has been nothing done to the engine, but i are using some M Power products in the car now “Thanks for introducing me to your products and i wish you every success with them. 

Michael, Senior Detective Victoria Police

About M-Power Enhancers

M-Power Australia was founded 2001 with the view to bring real benefits to the end-users and conserve the environment. We develop premium quality automotive products that deliver fuel and cost efficiencies. We believe products should sell on effectiveness, the premium quality of M Power products confers high performance in reducing energy waste and therefore emissions and pollutants. Emissions and pollutants have imposed major issues on health and the environment. Prof. Koji Jeon, the founder of M-Power Australia, has been working and researching in the automotive sector for over 30 years, with the quest to improve performance through efficient use of energy, and endeavours to achieve the ultimate goal of conserving the environment. Mr. Jeon has thrived in many relevant areas and has also been a consultant to truck and car companies in improving the performance of engines and drive trains, particularly in the area of fuel, lubrication and exhaust systems. Subsequently, a number of innovative improvements have been adopted in the automotive industry, some of which are proprietarily owned by M-Power Australia. This resulted in the creation of products which have been marketed under the M-Power brand and successful in the “Efficiency Improving Devices and Products”. Innovative concepts and pro-active approaches to research and development optimise product performance and improve cost effectiveness. Regardless of their levels of interest in protecting the environment for their later generations and the health of the communities, energy consumers use M Power products to make significantly profitable savings with contributions to environmental conservations. M-Power Australia Pty. Ltd. has formed a bilateral business and technical relationships with industry leaders providing solutions to major, medium and large mining and automotive companies for over 20 years. Through comprehensive laboratory facilities and sophisticated computer programs, oil analyses have been taken to a higher level. This syndication has saved mining companies millions of dollars every year and thus proportionally reducing the consumption of fuel, oil and overall emissions. Our clientele consists of automotive companies, OEM’s, service centres and performance workshops, as well as factories and establishments in various industrial sectors. M-Power Enhancers Australia manufactures specialty premium quality industrial greases and lubricants that promote significant energy savings for the user and environmental benefits.